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I’d be the last to discourage visiting a candidate’s official campaign website for information. Here they are (if they currently hold office, those website are listed too):



And the Big KahunaRe-Elect President George W. Bush (White House)


Oh, and here are the Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee Party Websites.


One further note: The links above are the official campaign websites.  Many “unofficial,” “fan” and “critic” websites are also available for candidates.  I don’t like citing unaffiliated websites because you really don’t have the same level of accuracy or accountability.  Additionally, although he’s not yet a candidate, Retired General Wesley Clark says he’s considering a campaign, with at least two “draft Clark” websites up and running.  You can view the largest ones here and here. If Clark announces, I am sure a site will be up and running and I’ll add it to this list. Until then, you can learn more about Wesley Clark, including a far-ranging interview with Tim Russert and “Meet the Press.”